As a creative producer I have found that I am motivated first and foremost by the artists themselves.  So I’ve spent the past few years investing in and developing relationships with young writers, performers, and directors who inspire me.  My mission statement is simple: to work with good people to create art that makes us proud.  And more often than not, that art is driven by music.

I ventured into talent management when my relationship with composer Drew Gasparini naturally evolved from occasional producer to daily advisor.  My initial client selection criteria thus far has also been seemingly simple: your name must end in Gasparini!  In addition to managing Drew’s career I also represented the folk/pop band Saint Adeline, which is made up of Drew and his sisters Kasie and Chloe.

As Director of Production for Broadway Across America I continue to learn and grow as a producer from a seat within a giant, commercial powerhouse, under the tutelage of Jennifer Costello; acquiring skills and muscles that I am then able to hone and exercise in my independent work.  Among the projects that I help shepherd at BAA, we are currently developing a musical adaptation of "Water for Elephants" written by Rick Elice and PigPen Theatre Company. 

In my role as Chairwoman of the Board for Colt Coeur, a small but mighty off-Broadway theatre company that will produce its 10th world premiere this Aug, I have had the privilege of advising Adrienne Campbell-Holt (Artistic Director) and Amy Ashton (Managing Director) as they, together with the Board, navigate the challenges of growth.  

My primary medium is theatre, but I have enjoyed following artists wherever their dreams take me - which thus far has included music and film.  I want to spend my time nurturing, collaborating with, and championing artists.

BA // Brown University
MBA // Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University 

OTHER ORGANIZATIONS THAT SHAPED MY CAREER: Roundabout Theatre Company, The International Theatre and Literacy Project, Playwrights Horizons, Richards/Climan Inc.